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Bobby Drake
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13th-Jan-2007 02:12 pm(no subject)
iceman:: smile
Okay, so last night was interesting.
I kind of can't tell anyone why right now, but everything's all right.

Anyways, I hope Rogue's doing okay. I guess she crashed her motorcycle. I'm really glad that Jean found her before something else happened. I really hope she's okay.

All right, I'm going to make some food. Or something. Anything to get a certain person to shut up.

Hey Jubes, come to my room, will you?
17th-Dec-2006 03:47 pm(no subject)
iceman:: smile
John and Illayna are gone. And no one's heard from Logan for a week.

John's really sick, and it's winter, and he doesn't do well in the cold. He couldn't even stand the last time I saw him, so how is he going to travel now?

I think I'm going to go to town and ask around to see if anyone's seen them or something.

Piotr's really mad. He's going crazy and he's probably going to be even madder if John comes back.

John or Illyana, if you're reading this, come back soon!

I'm going to try and stop worrying now. If that's possible.
30th-Nov-2006 10:06 pm(no subject)
iceman:: smile
I'm really worried about John. He doesn't seem to be getting any better. And Moira keeps frowning when she looks at him. She did some tests on him and I know she got them back, but she won't say anything.
Illyana's freaking out too. I think everyone is. I never thought I would see him like this.
I promised myself I would be there for him next time he had trouble with something, and I wasn't. I don't know how I'll forgive myself if he...nevermind. I don't want to finish that sentence.
I'm going to check on John.
Jubes: I hope you're doing okay. You sounded pretty stressed out the other day. I'm always here to talk.

Have a good day.
26th-Nov-2006 06:00 pm(no subject)
iceman:: smile
Hey everyone...
John left. I don't know where he went, but I'm guessing he either went back to Magneto or he went to the city. I hope he's okay, because if he's living on the street with that cough, then nothing good is going to come out of it.
I'm going to look in Weschester today to see if anyone's seen him.
I told Kitty and Piotr to keep an eye out for him.
John, if you're reading this, come back.
23rd-Nov-2006 03:53 pm - Happy Thanksgiving!
iceman:: smile
Emma Frost is back? I didn't expect that. I don't really trust her because of what she did to Kitty...and I remember John talking about her when he first came here.
Speaking of John, does anyone know if he's okay? Kitty and him were in the living room or something and I guess he was talking to her about stuff. Me and Piotr came downstairs because we heard yelling and Kitty looked like she was going to cry and John looked really messed up and stressed. I just want to know if he's okay. I miss the old John a lot.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We're having a really good dinner tonight...I think I'll cook some potatoes or something.
I'll be downstairs if anyone wants to join me.
Have a good day!
19th-Nov-2006 08:15 pm(no subject)
iceman:: smile
We went to a club in New York City yesterday. We didn't stay for too long, but it was still fun. I spent most of the time making sure Jubes didn't have to much to drink, but she still had a lot anyways.

Danger Room today was alright. Fighting when we were actually supposed to was fun. Logan made me and John fight against each other. Hah. I won, but I felt bad so I gave him some matches that were in my room but then he lit a cigarette and I had to give him the whole lecture. He just doesn't get it. Oh well, at least we're better friends now I guess.

I called my parents today, but my dad said that I shouldn't call back because it was stressing my mom out. It's okay though, because this place feels like home to me.

I'm going down to the kitchen to make some tea...If anyone wants some, meet me there.

Have a good day!
18th-Nov-2006 05:07 pm(no subject)
iceman:: smile
I can't believe it. John's here. And he's acting like he's been here the whole time.
I can't believe he's allowed back here after everything he's done. He almost killed me back at Alcatraz, and I know he did a lot of things that were worse than that.
I still can't believe he's here. Sorry about all the damage on the furniture. I just didn't know he was going to be here.
What's wrong with him, anyways? He looked really tired and not himself.
Hi to everyone, by the way.
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